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Opennemas - First Steps

Are you new in Opennemas and you are not sure what you can do? We want to help you so that you can have in few minutes a newspaper at the level of, or even the

How to create an article

The Articles Manager system allows users to create an article in the opennemas newspaper. In just few clicks a user will be able to publish news and share it with social networks if needed.

Link: How to create an article



How to upload or add an image to your news

The Multimedia Manager system will help you uploading pictures, files, images, etc. In an easy and user friendly way a very colorful news or an enriched information can be published.

Link: How to upload and add images to an article

How to create/modify the layout of frontpages

Our Frontpage Manager, under Menu > Website, provides a quick and easy way to create an appearance of a newspaper and organise content in different covers the same way .

Link:  How to work on layout of different frontpages


How to insert/move/manage articles of the frontpages

Thanks to the frontpage manager in a few seconds you can compose the frontpages of your online newspaper.

Link: How to add/move/manage articles in the frontpages

How to change the menu of my newspaper

Opennemas Menu Manager helps create a categorization of the content that is created for your newspaper. In few seconds you can create/modify the menu of the frontpage and so bring to your online newspaper freshness any time you wish to do so.

Link: How to change the Menu of my Newspaper

How to create albums/photo galleries

The Album Manager allows you to create image galleries and publish them in any cover of your Opennemas newspaper. In just a few seconds you can have your photo galleries published in addition to share on social networks.

Link: How to create albums/photo galleries


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