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Opennemas - How to change the Menu of my Newspaper

Our Menus feature (Main menu>Website>Menus) helps create a categorization to the content being created in a Opennemas newspaper. In a few seconds you can create or modify your frontpages menu.

Important Note: 

  • Sections and/or categories are a set of elements (news, photos , videos , files, audio, surveys, etc ... ) 
  • It is important to differentiate the concept of section and/or categories from the one of Category Menu.

How to manage Opennemas Menus module

Go to the Menus Manager: Menu > Website> Menus .

By default Opennemas shows a list of 6 menus :

  • frontpage: menu of all frontpages of NEWS in the Newspaper 
  • statics: menu of the footer in Static Pages

How to edit the frontpage menu

Important Note: Do not change the name of the frontpage nor static menu. If you do so, menus will not be shown.

  • Click on"Edit" option on the menu named "frontpage" . 
  • In the editing screen there are two blocks: Name/Position and Menu Contents
  • In the section Menu Contents you can see a list of its elements. 
  • By clicking the "Add items" a  pop-up window will open 
  • In the pop-up window you can select the item type: External link , Frontpage, Modules , Static Page, etc ... 
  • Select the items that you want to add and click the Add button.
  • Selected items will be listed at the bottom of the list, one after the others. You can Drag and drop to organize the list as you prefer. 
  • If the user moves the item to the right (inward) the element becomes a submenu.


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