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Opennemas - How to work on layout of different frontpages of my newspaper

Our Frontpage Manager, under Menu> Website, provides a quick and easy way to create an appearance of a newspaper and organise content in different covers the same way .

Do not let the front pages of your newspaper go obsolete from one day to another, or give the impression that there is no news in your journal. In less than a minute you can rebuild your diary covers.

How to design the different frontpages of an opennemas newspaper


Main Frontpage, also called The Frontpage (home):

1.- On the Frontpage Manager (Menu> Web Site> Frontpage Manager) click the button "Add content" to drag new elements to front.
  • In the window you can select the content you want using the tabs (tabs) 
  • Drag them to the area (gap) of desired title and click the button "Save changes".
2.- Each element already positioned on the frontpage manager has a menu that appears when passing with cursor overt and an information icon.

3.- This menu includes following options: 
  • Edit: You can edit directly from frontpage manager any content. 
  • Remove this cover: just delete the contents of the cover in question, leaving published in other sections where present. 
  • Archive: deletes the contents of all the covers but will remain available for reading from newspaper archives and search engines. 
  • Send to Trash: deletes the contents of all the covers and it will not be available for reading. Always can restore the content from the clipboard.


Secondary frontpage, also called Section Frontpage (title frontpage):

Besides the options appointed to the main frontpage, there are 3 types of states icons for each article of frontpage that mean:

  • No house icon: normal state of the news. It is published only in this cover. 
  • House icon: the news is also on the main frontpage (home). 
  • Star icon: the news is suggested for main frontpage (home), but it is not published there yet.


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