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Pricing Opennemas - Modules





35€/monthGain money with your Opennemas newspaper.. + Info - Video


35€/monthAdd Video and Image Galleries to your content.  +Info - Video

Polls Manager

15€/monthCreate and manage your polls, engage your audience and collect useful information. +Info.


25€/monthLet your readers be contributors.  +Info.


25€/monthLet your readers send you content with or without attachments.  +Info.

Frontpage Customization

30€/monthChange your Frontpage every time you want.  +Info.

Frontpage Manager

45€/monthCreate and Manage Frontpage Layouts made by you, every time you want!  +Info.


30€/monthEngage your readers with your own personalized newsletter. +Info - Video

News Agency

40€/monthKeeping your digital news up to date with agencies is already a reality! +Info.

Frontpages Synchronization

65€/monthUpdate your local frontpages by updating 1 frontpage!  +Info.

Articles synchronization

55€/monthUpdate more newspapers at once by syncing articles. +Info.


40€/monthLet your readers download the pdf copy of your print newspaper.  +Info


95€/monthMake money while doing what you love.  +Info
Import XMLs75€/month
Do you have your articles in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress? +Info
Would you like to give to your Opinion Authors a Blog Space, this is the feature you were looking for. +Info
Would you like for your readers to be able to unlock premium content for free? +Info

*All prices do not include VAT.


Advertising Manager

Thanks to this module all Opennemas journals will be able to create, add and manage ads on any pages: Frontpage Home/Sections, Inner Articles, Opinions, Gallery, Media.
There are more than 15 types of ads

Price: 35EUR/month

Media Manager

This module will allow you to create Photo Galleries, add video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and from other 10 sources more.
And the most interesting fact is that the video manager is the same as Youtube one, perfect consistency and performance.

Price: 35EUR/mes

Polls Manager 

Polls can be bars, pie charts, multiple response, etc
And the most beautiful aspect is that they are compatible and completely available on any browsers in the world.

Price: 15EUR/month


Let your readers send you an email with or without attachments.
Our feature Opennemas Connect will allow readers to submit their opinions with or without attachment, so that they can communicate with the newspapers.



Our feature Opennemas Contact will allow readers to submit their opinions with or without attachment, so that they can communicate with the newspapers.


Frontpage Customization

Changing frontpage is more and more frequent in order to disrupt with daily monotony.
By activating this module you will be allowed to:
  • Change background color of the news, so that a column can gain a different style from others.
  • Change font size, so that you can give more weight to a title in the page.
  • Change color of titles fonts, so that you can combine it with the different background.
  • Change of style: font, bold, italic, etc
  • Change the disposition of the image with respect to the text: right, left, above/below of the title, etc
Price: 30EUR/month

Frontpage Manager

Management Personal Frontpages/Frontpages Organization
You can change the appearance of Opennemas newspaper is a matter of seconds with this module. In this way you can select a different frontpage model on each of the sections frontpages.

Price: 45EUR/month


It is more and more frequent that newspapers send bulletins with a selection of the most interesting news of the day/week/month.
This module allows administrators to create custom layouts of the bulletin and to edit the style before sending it.
This way you will be able to create the newsletter your style.

Price module: 30€/mes
Price e-mail sent: 2EUR every 1000 e-mails sent.

News Agency

Agencia EFE, Agencia Europa press, Reuters and other RSS/XML sources, etc. Every and each of this channels will be available for Opennemas newspapers. With just few clicks the administrator will be able to add any news from agencies in the frontpage of the newspaper together with any image or media attached.



Frontpages Synchronization

Do you have more than 1 newspaper and you would like for the "home" pages to be synchronized?
No problem. By activating this module you will have all your news synchronized, if you have many local newspapers for instance and one main one, you can update the frontpage of all locals with news of the general newspaper.
If you modify a frontpage in the main newspaper the frontpage of local newspapers will update automatically too.
The only requirement is that all newspapers need to belong to the same group, so that the frontpage is stored in the one place.

Price: 65EUR/month

Articles synchronization

Similarly to the frontpage synchronization feature you will be able to update multiple newspaper by adding or editing articles in the main one.
If you have many local newspapers you can import all the articles you want from the main one.

Price: 55EUR/month


If you would like to keep the print version of your newspaper in a newsstand like, you just need to upload the full version or the frontpage and your users will be able to download it whenever they want.

Price: 40EUR/month


The News business is a very challenging business and advertising alone often does not allow to newspapers to keep going. Add paywall to your newspaper and you will be able to select articles that you want to sell. This way in order to access this news users will need to register. 
You will be able to set the payment/subscription the way you want (weekly, monthly, annual, etc) and also add currency and % of taxes that the item is subject to.


Import XML's:

By activating this module you Will be able to import xml from adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, so that your print articles will become digital.
This module is one of the most popular because it saves so much time...



Authors will have a dedicated space where all their contributions will appear in chronological order and readers will also set a RSS notification to receive the latest articles posted by a particular Author.



This module enables newspapers to add a customized subscription form to allow users to unlock premium content.The subscription form generates login details for the user.Newspapers will be able to mark content as "premium" and users will need to register in order to access the full extent of it.

Note: if the newspaper needs to collect users data will have to provide certification of inscription to "Agencia Española de Protección de Datos" or equivalent. Openhost, SL is not responsible of any data saved or required by newspapers.

Price: 30EUR/month

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