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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can I change '' domain to a custom domain?

If you wish to use your own domain for an Opennemas newspaper, in order to give a personal identity to your publications, please contact our sales department at and ask for a domain change.

Further steps about how to activate the change and get your domain live are described on page "Registering a Domain" .

How can I access the control panel of the newspaper that I have just created?

If you have signed up for a Opennemas newspaper and you did not receive our "welcome" e-mail (please also check your spam inbox) you can access your newspaper by filling with your "address name" the space <> of links below:

  • http://<your_address_name>  to access public web site
  • http://<your_address_name>  to access CMS admin

Note: <your_address_name> should be replaced by the name entered in the "Address" field of the Sign Up form

Why can't I see a published content in my homepage and it's placed in there?

In first place we would recommend you to check if the article has been placed in the frontpage manager of the homepage or of any section frontpage. If you want to check how to do that please check out our help article and video at How to create and article and publish it in the frontpage

Please also check if you have set date of starting and ending of publication in the article creation form.

  • If the publishing starting date is in the future, the content will appear marked by a blue line on the right side. This means that the article is scheduled to be published on the established date and it is still not visible.
  • If the ending date is in the past, the article will show a red line on the right side and it will mean that it is out of publication time and so it is not visible.
  • If the content has an established starting date in the past or present and an ending date in the future, it should show a green line on the right side. This means that the article has been published and it is visible in the newspaper web site.



Can I apply changes to widgets?

Available widgets for Basic subscription are: Latest comments, latest opinions, most read/voted/commented articles, authors' list, most read articles in the last 24h/3days/1week, Facebook followers box, twitter box.

If you wish to change or get new widgets please purchase our Support services and/or contact us at 


What is the Archive (Hemeroteca)? Is it possible to activate an Archive in an Opennemas newspaper?

The Archive (also called Hemeroteca) is a free module of Opennemas.

This module has an administrative objective providing journalists with a digital archiving system of their own media. In order to access the Archive an Opennemas user has to login to the admin site and go to Utilities>Global Search from the menu on the right side.

Readers can access the Archive through the Archive widget if the newspaper that corresponds to a calendar where users can select a date and see what was published that day.

Note: a Digital Archive is not a Paper Archive (Kiosk module, which stores pdf of printed newspapers).

How can I create scripts/code ads?

In the CMS Opennemas, if the newspaper subscribed for the Advertising Module, the admin can create third party ads such as Ikreate, Ad6media, justPremiumLigatus, Google Adsense, Delivery, and many more. In order to do so the admin has to select the type of advertising HTML or javascript and insert the provider code in the assigned field. Please refer to our article (ES) 

Opennemas also provides with integration with advertisement platforms such Google DFP and Open X. In order to manage this kind of adverts please check our help pages

Where can I find stats of my newspaper?

In order to check data about the newspaper we recommend to use Google Analytics. In first place it will be required to sign up and configure the Google Analytics service.

Please refer to our help article

Once the web site has been configured in Google Analytics you would need to add in the admin panel the UA tracking id, i.e. "UA-00000000-0".

In order to do so 

  • Go to Main Menu > System > Settings 
  • Go to the tab of external services. 
  • Go to the section of Google Analytics . 
  • Copy and paste the "Tracking ID" in the "Key to the Google Analytics API" field

By doing this your Analytics would be ready and will start collecting data for you to look at.

There are more options you can configure following similar steps with comScore and OJD, going to the External Services tab of  the admin Panel Main Menu > System > Settings.

How can I create a new section in the menu?

In order to create a new section in the menu bar of your Opennemas newspaper the admin will need to create a new category from the Menu Manager and then add it to the Menu from the admin panel  Main menu>Website>Menus.

To know how to do it step by step please refer to our help article


How can I subscribe to a new pack or more modules/services in Opennemas?

In order to purchase additional modules, services or contract a pack you can contact us at enquiring on your wished features. 

Please look at all our Modules, Packs and Services at


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