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Opennemas - Which are the characteristics of the free service?

Please read below all features that you will find available when entering opennemas CMS with Basic plan.


Frontapge Manager:

  • Dynamic frontpages layout creation
  • Drag & drop functionality to add content to frontpages
  • Possibility of putting content in main (home) and sections' frontpages separately
  • Actions: Edit, publish on newspaper archive, recycle bin, remove from home, suggest publishing on home, publish, unpublish, archive and delete content
  • View information about content directly from frontpage box
  • Display frontpage before saving changes (preview)
  • Notification of last version enabled when multiple editors are working simultaneously at the same frontpage. Changes are not overwritten, our platform automatically update to the last "save" and notifies users that a new version of frontpage is available by reloading the page.


  • Smart widgets (last view, news of the day, sections headlines, etc)
  • Unlimited HTML widgets
  • Create/Edit HTML widgets (it is required a basic knowledge of HTML)
  • Publish/Unpublish widgets
  • Frontpage widgets


  • Edit frontpage menu
  • Edit footer menu in static pages
  • Submenus
  • External References: Internet URL's



  • Create/Edit articles
  • Link articles
  • Articles Archive
  • Manage pending articles
  • Add images to articles
  • Sign articles
  • Plan publishing activity (publish later)


  • Authors opinion
  • Leading articles
  • Directors opinion
  • Author opinion frontpage (blog style)
  • Opinion widgets
  • Add images to opinions
  • Plan publishing activity (publish later)

Static Pages

  • Create/Edit Static Pages
  • Add HTML/text content
  • Publish Static Pages in the Menu or Footer


  • Facebook tool 
  • Diqus tool
  • Opennemas tool:
  • Moderating comments
  • Edit/Accept/Reject/Delete comments
  • Comments IP identification
  • New comments notification icon 

Category Manager

  • Create/Edit categories
  • Allow subcategories
  • Add custom logo to categories
  • Assign different colors per category



  • Upload images/pictures/infographics: jpg, png, gif, bmp and swf 
  • Multiple selection and upload of images  
  • Ability to tag photos 
  • Using standard EXIF/IPTC 
  • Photo Geolocation API Google Maps


  • Upload files, pdf's, text files , etc... 
  • Link images to the content


Advanced search

  • Powerful search engine based on keywords/tags 
  • Find any content: articles, photos , files, ads , widgets , videos , polls, etc ...

Recycle Bin

  • Recover any content 
  • It works as the recycle bin on any operative system


  • Create a list of words that are replaced in Articles 
  • They can be web addresses or e-mail accounts 
  • Search for any contents by keywords/tags



  • Configure website name, color, logo, footer text, language. 
  • SEO: edit meta tags "title", "description" and "keywords" of the website and add Web Master tools of Google or Bing.
  • Accepting cookies, time zone, system language, etc... 
  • Integrate all kinds of external services Opennemas: 
  • Google Analytics, comScore , OJD 
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, linkedIn 
  • Youtube, Vimeo 
  • Others like reCaptcha, Google Search, etc ...

Opennemas Service is FREE 

Opennemas service for your new online digital newspaper does NOT have any costs, so that you will be able to publish news and information anytime.

It includes:

  • The first 50,000 page views/month for a daily Opennemas are free 
  • 500MB storage for photos and files (HDD Management cloud storage. IPs Geographical Replication) 
  • Network Infrastructure and Opennemas Platform Security
  • Platform SLA 99.5
  • E-mail/TIckets Technical Support and Customer Service business hours (answer in 24 hours)


And beyond the Basic pack we offer many more options, over 20 modules more are available in Opennemas platform to put your digital newspaper at the level of or even the

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