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Opennemas - How to manage Users

In order to manage your Users (creation, activation, elimination, etc.) from the Admin Panel please follow steps below:
  • If you are the Administrator please login to the Admin Panel.
    Note: If you are not an Administrator please contact your Administrator in order to manage users profiles.

  • In the Main Menu please select "System", then "Users & Groups", and finally "Users".
  • Here you will be able to see the full list of your Authors, Users and Administrators, either Active and Inactive.
    • Administrator: has access to the Content Management System Admin Panel. This profile can add, remove and purchase features, services, users, etc.
    • User: has access to the Content Management System. It does not have access to administrative options and views.
    • Author: does not have access to the CMS. This profile can be used by Users and Administrators to assign the name to a content.
    • Warning: if under the column "Type" the Author is marked as "Backend" please make sure that under the column "Activated" is marked with the red crossed to indicate that this Author will not access to the Platform, otherwise it will be considered an "Author" and a "User".

  • In order to filter the information you can take advantage of the fields in the search and filters bar.
  • If you need to export the entire list please use the button "Download" on the left of the "Create" button (the icon is standard image with arrow facing down).
  • In order to activate/deactivate users, administrators or authors there is a button on the right side of all contacts, under the column "ACTIVE". If you see a red cross image it means the user/admin/author is NOT active.
  • In order to delete a contact please select the text "Delete" under the Name of the contact.
  • In order to edit contact's details please select the text "Delete" under the Name of the contact.

Important: activation and creation of Users and Administrators affect invoices as per information on page

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