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Pricing Opennemas - Page views and storage space

Cost per pageviews with Opennemas



Cost per page


from 0 to 50,0000 €0€
Up to50,0010,00009 €4,50€/month

* Prices do not include VAT

Pageviews: When the browser loads a page a pageview is generated. After that session, all pages that will be opened, will generate more and more pageviews, but only 1 visit.

Free Range: Upon reaching the limit of the range of 50,000 the system will warn the user that the Opennemas platform has reached the limit, however we will never cut the service. Passing the range of 50,000 we will charge for ranges.

How much do I have to pay: Passing the range of 50,000 will be charged:

  • 76,327 pageviews x 0,00009 €/pv = 6,86 €/month
  • 405,789 pageviews x 0,00009 €/pv =  36,52 €/month
  • 2,845,908 pageviews x 0,00009 €/pv = 256,13 €/month

Price per used storage space in Opennemas

Storage Space

Cost per MB


from 0 to 500 MB0 €0€
from 501 MB0,01€/MB5,01€/month
10 GB0,01€/MB100€/month

* Prices do not include VAT

Frequent Asked Questions about Storage - FAQ

Which kind of file can I upload?

Users can upload following files type:

  • Images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif)
  • Documents (pdf, doc, docx, odt)
  • Presentations (ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx)
  • Spreadsheets (xls, xlsx)
  • Audio (mp3, m4a, wav, ogg)
  • Compressed files: zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, rar, 7z, gzip, arj, etc.

Is there a limit of size for the upload of files?

Yes, the size limit is of 20 MB.

How do I upload images?

Go to menu Multimedia → Images and click on the Upload icon, then follow platform instructions.

How do I upload files?

Go to menu Multimedia → Files and click on the Upload icon, then follow platform instructions.

How do I delete images/files?

In the lists of images and files the delete buttons are identified with a red recycling bin and corresponding text. Note that both content categories will not deleted from the system completely. They will be stored in the recycle bin (Utilities → Recycle Bin menu)

How do I restore a file/image?

Once user deletes an image or file this is saved in the Recycle Bin ( Utilities > Bin ).

Another useful feature in the Recycle Bin is that items are divided by type: Images, files , news , reviews, etc... 

In each list there is a reset button and a delete definitely.

Price per article created in Opennemas


Articles (1)

Cost per article

Up to*

from 0 to 20,0000 €FREE
Up to 20,0010,0005 €10€/month

* VAT not included

1.-Articles: include articles, opinions and comments.

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