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Opennemas - SSL certificate

Opennemas improves news management security

In the continuous effort to improve and give more support to newspapers and digital information Opennemas offers free protection systems security and privacy for all its content management platform. 

 This way you can ensure that all actions of creating and publishing users to make travel over the Internet using a secure channel (HTTPS). In other words the Security Socket Layer is a like a magic code cloak that makes your data incorruptible while transferring it from browser to web server.

How do I know that I am protected by SSL?

You can check if your site is protected with SSL by looking for a green lock in the site address bar and by making sure that the address begins with "https://".

SSL Advantages

The most well-known use of this safety connection system lays with online payment, in fact to make sure that credit card details are not stolen while floating from browser to web server, the SSL system encrypts the data and makes it unavailable to anybody that may try to grab it in that super short instant of journey from the compute to the payment gateway. 

 Because at Opennemas we consider newspaper content very valuable we chose to protect it the same way.

Please find several advantages to having the SSL certificate explained below:

  • In a trusted manager, the "authentication" ensures that users are who they claim to be. This means that the user attempting to perform operations in the Opennemas content manager is the user who is authorized to perform them. 
  • Privacy: the recipient (web server) and emitter (User Manager) negotiate which cryptographic algorithms will be used. This ensures that the content of the information cannot be read by third parties. 
  • Increases security: the private information that goes from computer to computer or server is encrypted. SSL has a variety of security measures to check the integrity of a message, which guarantees the quality and security of data transmitted. 
  • Improves confidenceSSL certificates let users see that they can enter data without having to worry about data theft, as it will be encrypted. 
  • Removes malwareSSL Certificates scan the website administration panel looking for harmful software. 
  • Increases traffic, without virus or malwares pages will gain a better positions in Google, obtaining more visits. 
  • Legitimizes your website because you get an independent certifier to give you the "green light". 
  • Compatible with all browsers, because it works perfectly on all browsers.

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