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Opennemas - CMS Compatible Browsers

Here you will find our supported browsers list

 WindowsLinux (Ubuntu)MAC OSXMobile
Safari 5.1 +YES YESYES
Internet Explorer 9+*YES   
Opera 15 +YESYESYES 
Android Browser 4.4+   YES
Opera Mini 12.1   YES

Note: Opennemas is compatible with many other browsers, however we support and test consistently list above.


*In order to work properly with IE (Internet Explorer) we recommend to deactivate the Compatibility View 

I am not sure which browser I am using. How do I find out?

If you are not sure of which browser you are using please click on following link and find out:

How do I install a Opennemas compatible browser?

We recommend the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

However please feel free to visit page BrowseHappy and download any of the browsers listed there. All browsers you see in that page are compatible with Opennemas.

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