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Opennemas - Registering a domain

I have an existing domain and I want to redirect my newspaper Opennemas to it.

  • If the user already has a registered domain the price would be 12 €/year.

Terms of redirection:

  • Price: the price of redirecting an Opennemas newspaper to owned domain has a cost of 12 €/year. 
  • Payment: the redirection service requires payment in advance. The amount cannot be divided into several payments. 
  • Identity: the identity of the domains would be the customer's identity because the domain does not undergo any change. 
  • The service domain redirection is valid for one year, so you will be notified prior to the renewal date. 
  • The customer must make changes to the DNS zone for your domain registration www. This change has nothing to do with the Opennemas platform or company OpenhostSL (company that maintains the service). 
  • If redirection does not work through no fault of the platform, ie by malfunction of the DNS servers the client, OpenhostSL area will have nothing to do with the damage caused to the hours of service failure. 

Changes to DNS

1.- DNS Record: Change www register in the domain area. In example change to (where "" would be your domain name). 

  •  www IN CNAME 
2.- Hosting: redirect traffic from the site to This change is NOT done through DNS but through the control panel settings where the domain and hosting are configured.
  • Web Traffic -> -> redirect -> (this should be done by the hosting provider for your domain)  

3.- IMPORTANT: It is only necessary to make the change log www. But making the change in Hosting, your newspaper will not have traffic to the domain without the www.

Other solutions:

1.- Transfer the domain to Openhost (company that supports the Infrastructures of Opennemas), has a cost of 18 Euros. You will only have to pay the remaining 6 Euros. In this way Openhost can manage the DNS of the domain. This change will take 5 days.

2.- Openhost does the necessary changes, as a technical company, in the panels of the client. This intervention has an associated cost of € 50 + VAT (passwords of the domain control panel are required).

I DO NOT have my own domain and I want to create one and redirect it to my Opennemas digital newspaper

If the user does not have a registered domain, the price is 18 €/year.

Terms of creating a new domain:

  • Price: the price of the reservation of a domain, along with redirection to a Opennemas newspaper has a cost of € 18/year.
  • Payment: the registration and redirection service requires payment in advance. This amount cannot be divided into several payments.
  • Identity: when buying a new domain, the identity of the domains would be the one of your entity. The administrative identity, technical contact, billing contact name would be Openhost, SL
  • Availability: please inform us of the name of the domain that you wish to register and we will let you know if it is available. May be one or more domains.
  • The service of registering and redirecting the domain is valid for one year, so you will be notified prior to the renewal date.
  • Following the purchase of the domain, if the user wants to transfer it to another provider, which may only be transferred to another from the 6th month after the date of registration of the domain.

How can I purchase a domain?

Email us at and within hours you'll be able to publish with your custom domain publishing.

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