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Opennemas - How to add your newspaper to Google Webmaster Tools

The System Settings allows administrators to customize, configure and leave a newspaper Opennemas ready for anytime publication.

Usually it takes hours to edit the source code of web pages and include such important codes for the web as webmaster tools, google analytics, facebook api key, etc.

With Opennemas it is a matter of seconds because we have included in the Configuration section of the system are all these fields to be filled and activated, we called them External Services.

Hot to add Webmaster tools in Opennemas:

  • From the side bar menu go to System> Configuration go to the SEO section tab. 
  • Access Webmaster Tools account and create a new site. 
  • Select HTML META TAG as an alternative way to identify the page. 
  • Copy the code "google -site- verification" and paste it in the field SEO Google Webmaster Tools.

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