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Opennemas - Static pages

Static pages are a type of content that gives your Opennemas newspaper information about who works in the journal, contact forms, like putting advertising on the web, notice of legality, etc ...

Post any information relevant to your audience. Within a few clicks you can create these important links for the public of your Opennemas journal.

Linking static pages to the frontpage 

Go to Menu> Contents> Static Pages:

  • Click the Create button on the top right of the page;
  • Write the name of the title of the static page. Automatically html direction thereof is created. 
  • Write the contents of the static page in the text editor. 

Once you have created a static page, publish it by:

  • Add the "Static Pages" menu from the Menu Manager to see the content at the bottom of the page (footer). 
  • Add it to the menu "frontpage" and so see them as an element of the frontpages menu. 
  • Link the direction of the static page to any contents using HTML code.

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