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Opennemas - How to add images to my articles

Opennemas allow users to upload pictures, files, videos, etc. In an easy and intuitive way any publications can become full of color or reinforced by an image.

No need to go to the Media Manager to upload images . You can do this directly from the edit/create view. If you want to do it as you use to do it with the previous platform, you can still do it from the Multimedia menu> Images > Upload .

How to add a picture to an Article?

From the main screen, click "create" button or if you prefer "edit" information already created in the system from Menu Contents.

When editing/creating an article, there are buttons to insert images and check boxes to select images 

  • Insert Image buttons refer to actions to insert photos in the summary or the article body. 
  • The check boxes assign a picture to the subtitle or in the body of text. 

How to upload a picture to Opennemas from edit/create an article:

  • Select where you want to insert the picture, either in the summary or in the body text of the news. Then click on the Insert Image button.
  • In order to assign the picture to the frontpage or to the inner articles click on the box "Images Assigned" located below "Pick an image". 
  • Once the image picker opens, in the left menu you can click on the word "insert" and it will appear in the center of the screen an indicator to click or drag the image directly. When you click a window to select the file in question appears. 
  • The browse button on the left side of the image provides a list of all the images already uploaded to the manager and a filter to search for the description of the image.

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