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Pricing Opennemas - User Licenses


Price per user*

Every new user 12 €/month (0,4€ day)

* All prices do not include VAT


What is an admin panel user?

Admin Panel user: this is any users that access to opennemas content management system (/admin).

Any actions performed is recorded and the content authorship will be attributed by user name.

Is it allowed to use same user by 2 or more people working from different devices?

There is no problem with using the same user by one or more persons , but the disadvantages are: 

  • These people do not have a signature when creating the news, opinion and other content since it will be shared for all.
  • Anyone will be able to edit/delete items created by the other, since there is no ACLs (Access Control Lists).
  • It will not be possible to keep track to see what the editors create/edit on the platform.

Access Control Lists in Opennemas

In order for a user to access a module, the user must sign in Opennemas platform. This identification includes an access token that is created each time a user logs on to the platform. Before allowing the user to access a module, the operating system determines whether the access token of the user is authorized to access this module. To do this, the system compares data access token with access control lists (ACLs) module.

ACLs can allow or deny different behaviors depending on the type of module. For example, ACLs control the options of an item that can be to create, edit, delete, edit articles from other users, publish / unpublish, archive, etc.

The security system Opennemas allows to create groups of users with personalization of these ACLs. Thus a user can be part of the group of editors, where you can create, edit and publish/unpublish items and NOT be able to handle newspaper frontpage. Groups may be created upon request depending on the degree of restriction the administrator needs to apply.

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