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Opennemas - How to add/move/manage articles in the frontpages

The Frontpage Manager helps to create a visible image of what a Opennemas newspaper looks like. In few seconds a user can compose an entire frontpage and thus provide different views publisher/provisions of the news on the front. Digital newspapers, depending on the subject, are divided into sections, i.e. National, International, Local, Culture, Sports, Opinion, Economy, Society and Culture, Books, Environment, etc

Therefore it will be necessary to lay out all the frontpages with contents such as news/articles, ads/advertisements, widgets and other html elements such as: television programming, market information, Horoscopes, entertainment, etc.

Transfer or add elements to frontpages

In order to lay out frontpages the user can drag and drop elements into the desired positions from a pop-up window "Add content".

  • On the Frontpage Manager (Menu> Website> Frontpage Manager) click the button "Add content" to drag new elements to front. 
  • In the pop-up window you can select the content you would like to use from one of the different tabs (tabs) 
  • Drag them to the preferred area (gap) and click the button "Save changes". 
  • Each element already positioned on the frontpage has a menu that appears when passing over with the cursor and an information icon. 
  • That menu includes following options: 
  • Edit: You can edit directly from frontpage any content. 
  • Remove from this cover: just delete the content of the cover in question, leaving it published in other sections. 
  • Archive: it deletes the content from all the frontpages. However the content will remain available for reading from newspaper archives and search engines. 
  • Send to Trash: deletes the content from all the frontpages and it will not be available for reading. However the admin user can always restore the content from the trash.

Automatic Frontpages:

In Opennemas we also offers an Automatic Frontpage module where news included in the frontpage will be ordered by creation date, making the work of organizing fully automatic and formatting it as in a Blog. Opennemas objective is to provide a clean layout, balanced and easy to compose, so that the time of the members of the newspaper can be used for other tasks.

If you would like to add this module to your newspaper please visit our web page Packs and Modules and discover the more exclusive services in Opennemas.


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