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Opennemas - How to create an article and publish it in the frontpage

The Article Manager of the CMS will allow you to create content type article in the Opennemas newspaper. In just seconds you can publish your news and also share it with social networks.

In order to create and article and publish it in the frontapage you just need to follow the steps below:

1. If you are in the Home page (..../admin) click the button "new article" or from any other screen the button in top bar "create":

  • Create an article and fill all the required fields: title , inner title, pretitle, summary, body and image information. 
  • Select/check the option "Publish", "Suggested for frontpage" and, if desired, "Allow Comments". 
  • Select the category to which the article belongs. 
  • Press "Save" in order to save your changes.


2. Go to Frontpage Manager in the Contents menu and select Frontpage or any other Category to insert the article in correct section:

  • Go to menu and select Website> Frontpage Manager,
  • Select the desired section frontpage in the dial on the top left,
  • Click the button "Add content" at the top right of the page,
  • A window with several tabs opens and you can select "Recent Articles" one,
  • "Drag" your selected article into a space/place on the frontpage manager screen,
  • Click "Save Changes" on the top right to update the category front page.

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