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Opennemas - How to add Google Analytics to my newspaper

Opennemas System Settings allow to customize, configure and leave a newspaper ready for daily Internet publication

Usually editing source code of web pages to insert important codes for web and webmaster tools, google analytics, facebook api key and others can take hours. With Opennemas will be a matter of seconds as in the system settings you can enable all these services, called external services, just enter the required value in each case.

Please note that Opennemas is not responsible of the data or content provided by Third Parties, we allow you to activate them, but if you have trouble with data or other third party functions please reach out to third party.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

  • Go to Main Menu > System > Settings 
  • Go to the tab of external services. 
  • Go to the section of Google Analytics . 
  • Copy and paste the "Tracking ID" in the "Key to the Google Analytics API" field

How to obtain Google Analytics Tracking Id 

1.- If you do not have a Google account go to this website to create an account .

2.- In order to access Google Analytics you have to enter the same email address of your Google account and the same password.

3.- Choose Google Analytics for website.

4.- Data to enter: 
  • Website name: one that allows us to identify the website easily. 
  • URL: The website address as it appears in the browser.
  • Industry Category: It will give a number of options to choose from. 
  • Time Zone: it will set time for all our reports. 
  • Account name: the one we want, at the organizational level. Within a single account can obtain several IDs to analyze different websites. 
5.- Depending on the selected country , we must accept our terms of certain service

6.- Once you have configured your web site you will see an associated Analytics tracking code "UA - 00000000-0 " type, which you will be able to introduce into Opennemas "Key to the Google Analytics API" field as per explanation above.

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